Urban Pet Portraits

Click to enlarge imageI had Gerardo do a portrait of my first-born greyhound, Sebastian, in 2007. He took a photo that was taken of my boy at the dog park and created an incredible piece of art that captured not only Sebastian’s likeness, but also his incredible spirit. That’s what an Acamonchi portrait is, really...it’s a portrait of pets that also includes their souls. You can look every day at the piece and see everything you love about your pet...down to the mischievous twinkle in the eyes and the loving facial expressions. When Sebastian passed away in 2010, the portrait took on a whole new level of significance; now we see it and have another way he stays on with us. I want all of my greyhounds to be Acamonchi’d!

- Alex Kogan

Click to enlarge image Gerardo’s creative process can simply be explained as creating the world out of nothing. I was lucky enough to witness this amazing journey from its commencement to the final product two times, as Gerardo kindly created the wonderful portraits of my two cats, Mackonjac & Buddy, while being our guest in Vancouver. It’s not the vividness of colours in his art, or funky, non-traditional style of the portraits that took my breath away, but Gerardo’s ability to capture the quirky traits in the pets’ character and to expose their true nature. Today, Mackonjac’s pet portrait is all I have left from him. None of the hundreds of photos I took over the years could provide any comfort to me, but this little pet portrait has encapsulated Mackonjac’s gentle spirit and in this way perpetuated his “existence.” How’s this possible? Because Gerardo’s pet portraits are not just a visual reminder of a memory, but also the record of emotions gathered in an image that tells a story. The story of love, hope, sorrow, growth, appreciation, understanding of the inevitable - it’s all there, thanks to the passion this artist puts into his work. Thanks, Gerardo, your pet portraits are a true source of joy.

- Simonida Jocic

Click to enlarge imageHands down the biggest conversation starter in my living room for someone visiting for the first time is being greeted with Buk's barking, and then seeing he has a giant portrait of himself hanging on our wall. Everyone wants to know how he sat for it, who painted it, etc. Also a great way to immediately show that he's an important part of the family who we love, and means the world to us.

- Matt Lingo

I’ve admired my comrade Gerardo and his art for quite some time. So it was only natural to have him create a special piece for me featuring my pup Gee Gee, who passed away shortly after. Not only does Gee Gee hold the most special place in my heart, she can be forever immortalized and remembered in Gerardo’s art, which also has a bit of who I am in it, in relation to my band, The Locust. Coincidentally, Gee Gee was featured on an album cover for an animal shelter benefit 7’’ single, she made cameos in various videos, and became a bit of a dog celebrity, as she should.

- Justin Pearson

I met (Gerardo) Acamonchi through a circle of artist friends and, as luck would have it, at the time I owned a small gallery in which he could host a one-man show. I love all of his work, but what struck me the most was his portrait of his cat, Nini. She just came to life on the canvas and it was good to have her company in our space. As his one month residency was coming to a close at my studio, I finally asked him about the piece and we struck up a great conversation about all of the pets we have loved and lost in our lives. Nini had passed away, this portrait was a memorial to her. My own kitty cat, Flaco, was nearing the end of his, and I was heartbroken at the thought of living this life without him... It was in this conversation that I decided to make an offer on his piece, and he decided to let her portrait go... It was not easy for him, I know - but he had been looking for a good home for her and found it with me. Nini is now prominently and proudly displayed in my living room, along with Flaco's collar and name tag and together they help keep my heart happy.

- Carly Delso-Saavedra

Every expectation I had for working with Gerardo was beyond exceeded. He created a portrait of Gary that I didn't imagine was possible. He managed to capture her personality in a painting and every time we look at it, we get that feeling. We enjoy the painting every day. Thank you Gerardo!

- Rob Brouillard

Gerardo is a great artist for capturing the essence of my dog Buju and adding so much color to the portrait. Way cooler that he looks than in real life, makes me want to meet him if I already don't know him, Puts a smile on my face everytime I see the portraits.

- Alfonso Reyes

I was given two portraits of my dogs, Clementine and Petunia, as a gift from a good friend and I enjoy them everyday. Acamonchi did such an incredible job of capturing their personalities and energy in his work. His style is unique and the pieces get tons of interest. I own quite a bit of local art and was so happy to add these to my collection. I love having them in my home on full display. Thanks so much for the beautiful work.

- Karas Blud

We jumped on the opportunity to commission a pet portrait by Acamonchi! We have admired Gerardo's work for years, and as curators have exhibited his pieces. We have long known of Gerardo's love for cats, and it comes through in the attention he gives each portrait. We sent Gerardo a photo of our cat Pilar and (upon him asking) a few color suggestions. He quickly returned a piece to us that totally captures her look and spirit. We are so glad to have this tribute to Pilar (one of our little boy's best friends!) and know that we will always have this rad, treasured memory of her in our home.

- Stacy Kelley

Gerardo has captured the different personalities of all my 4 cats! I am especially grateful for the extra care he took creating a portrait of my beloved Teddie who has passed on. I am able to still connect with Teddie by looking at the wonderful portrait Gerardo created of him. The expression in Teddies eyes is exactly the look he would give me when we were still together. It feels magical to still be able to see that look. He was also able to capture the kitten energy of Lily. The portraits are the 1st thing visitors comment on when they come over and I am so happy every time I look at them.

- Trish Burger

I have been collecting art for many years. I have art from artists all over the world, but my favorites have got to be the four (!), yes, four, pet portraits by Acamonchi. Although only one of my four beloved pets is still alive, the spirit and unique personalities of my companion animals live on in their portraits.

My friends ask me all the time about the portraits; several have commissioned portraits of their dogs and cats. I highly recommend Urban Pet Portraits by Acamonchi—you won’t be disappointed!

- Shanna Trenholm

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