Urban Pet Portraits
Gerardo Yepiz / Acamoncjhi and Mya Stannard
About the Artist:
Hi, my name is Gerardo Yepiz. I'm a San Diego-based artist who has made my reputation in different art movements and scenes throughout the years. From the practical use of street art elements, and multicultural approach combined with community activism-I genuinely care about the world we live in.

I've been Vegetarian/Vegan for 22 years; I'm advocate of treating animals with compassion, a promoter of cycling, and love to help friends and community organizations wherever I'm needed. Because of my deep love for all animals, I pay tribute to our domestic companions through my unique vision of contemporary pet portraits.

How it All Started
Nini Binoche It all started as a way for me to cope with the loss of my beloved cat Nini Binoche, a mixed tabby, who I rescued from Ensenada, Mexico. I painted my first pet portrait, a 24" x 24" panel, as a relaxing experiment with a limited color palette. The result was an abstract-looking cat, featuring heavy strokes, mock pixels, and squiggly lines.

Soon, friends started asking me to create dog portraits-many of which have been displayed in art shows in San Diego. I had no intention of creating more pet portraits, but the demand grew over the years from friends who had also lost their cats and dogs, or who wanted to give the pet portraits as special gifts My style continues to evolve, which is not far from my other designs, which includes paintings and graffiti works.

I have a special bond with animals and can intuit characteristics unique to each pet. Through my pet portraits, I aim to capture the essence of every cat and dog.

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  • About the Portraits:

    Each pet portrait is an acknowledgment note, a message of kindness, and a vivid reminder of your pet's warm fuzzy playfulness. My pet portraits are not traditional works by any extent-they often develop from an established relationship between a dog or a cat and their caretakers (owners).

    The portraits are based on photographs for practical reasons, and often taken by me (if the client is local to San Diego or when I travel), with the intention of achieving the best angles to enhance the pet's personality traits. Portraits are mixed media-acrylic, oil pens, solid-paint acrylic markers, spray paint, and occasionally silk screening or stamping of some images. Every portrait is a signed original.

    Most of the portraits are created using the cross-hatching technique and are realized on high-end birch panels. Occasionally, I paint portraits on canvas (please inquire ). Final portraits are gently clear coated with a matte finish. I highly recommend that you keep them away from direct sunlight for preservation of the vibrant colors.

    Portraits are unique, custom made to order, and never kept as inventory.

    Other services such as design, illustration, and murals may be available. Do not hesitate to ask or check out my website for more information.

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